New E-Learning Center in Second Life

The CEL: Barcelona Virtual's new Center for Virtual Meetings and E-Learning
We are happy to announce the launch this month of the "CEL", the new Center for E-Learning on the Island of Barcelona Virtual in Second Life. The CEL includes a modern learning space with desks and audio settings, a large Powerpoint-ready screen and integrated voice and video.

Given the new pressures for many companies this year to save travel costs and reduce training budgets, we have designed this new initiative in Second Life in order to help companies reach their staff training goals by offering a 3D virtual environment for conferences and classes.

Not only are the cost reductions significant: better yet, the 3D experience fosters a strong sense of community and provides employees with a much more enjoyable, motivating and "human" online experience - even for avatars!

At this time Barcelona Virtual is in advanced talks with the leading creator of e-learning software in London. Together we will offer an enterprise solution for pan-european multinationals with far-flung subsidiaries: a visionary work-flow solution especially designed for 3D Virtual Worlds.
We hope to shortly be able to announce more details here about this partnership; in the meantime, if you are interested in knowing more, please don't hesitate to contact us directly:

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