COP25 | Climate Change, Hitler, the Holocaust and Marketing

Pens and Brushes for The Führer: Creative Professionals paved the way to WWII & the Holocaust.  

The Best Way to Create Relevant Content & Keep Your Customers Loyal

Relevant relationships, the key to repeat business. Automating your Marketing can help.   You'll

Why You're Feeling Fragmented - And How to Fix It

Fragmented data not only loses you money: it also kills productivity and slows you down.   You'll

Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing Directory · EPS 01–13

_ Finding your favourite Alexa Flash Briefing is now easier then ever Welcome to the New Episode

Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing · Company Culture & Digital Disruption - EP13

_ In our 13th Flash Briefing: We talk to Elodie Martin about her experience dealing with Digital

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    Jeff Bezos: The '60 Minutes' Interview

    This video with the interview of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos by the CBS news programme 60 Minutes should be an obligatory part of the curriculum in business schools, worldwide.



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