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From the very first day in 1995, when we opened our doors as Spain's first Digital Advertising and Marketing agency, we've been a European agency:

Call it our European Dream.

In March, 2017, that dream became a reality when Paul and Pep met with founder, Hervé Kabla and 9 other digital agencies in Paris to form Affinità (go to the web), "a network of entrepreneurial, independent agencies hand-picked for their energy, expertise and effectiveness."

Group photo of the founding agencies in Paris, March 2017

Now that the network has been publicly launched in Berlin (Press release, September 2017), Affinità is off and running.

Together, the agencies represent more than 100 international consumer & business brands and organisations, including Allianz, AMCVolvo, Cisco, Total, Siemens, Unilever, Deutsche Bank, Peugeot, Samsung, PlayStation and Audi.

Combined annual revenues of the group exceed €30M, with a wide range of services.

Not only do we seek synergies and business opportunities between the ten Affinità offices; we also actively share knowledge, tools and cultivate an international focus amongst Millennial members of our teams.

In 2018, we'll be actively fostering exchanges between agencies and departments.

What does this all mean for you?

To begin with, we can meet any need you might have, thanks to our offices located in seven countries:

In coming posts, we'll be providing practical case studies, tips for international campaigns and cutting-edge trends such as VR, AR, Marketing Automation, Voice Search, AI, etc.
For now,
Let's Go, Europe!
Originally published on this blog on 23 November 2017. Updated on 2 May 2018.

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