The Personal Cybersphere | R1: “Recognition”

If you have trouble believing in the existence of the Personal Cybersphere (see Introduction), just ask Hillary Clinton. I can assure you: not only does this US Presidential Candidate know that the Cybersphere exists.
She‘s fighting for her political life because of it.
At the time of this writing, Mrs. Clinton has just lost, dramatically, in the first Primary Elections in the US state of New Hampshire. With her years of experience, and thanks to her powerful political “machine”, the ex-Senator and Secretary of State should be “cleaning up”. She is not.

The problem is, her messages are just not getting through to voters of the 21st Century. She isn´t even visible to many potential voters, because she is failing to activate the first “R” of the Personal Cybersphere: RECOGNITION.

To even gain entrance to a Digital Citizen’s Personal Cybersphere, it is essential to be recognised. Otherwise, the door will not be opened and your message will bounce right back to you, forming a dismal pile of “unopened” messages, in the case of E-Mail Marketing.
Avatar - Photo of a female avatar on the planet of Pandora

In other KPIs, you will see the evidence of a failure to activate R1 in the form of low visit numbers to your web or e-shop, high bounce rates, extremely brief time spent on your site, etc.

In the case of the American politician mentioned above (who is, of course, a Brand) Hillary Clinton at this moment of time remains unrecognised and hence, invisible to millions of people. Most especially, younger voters: Millennials and Gen Z.
 00 Cybersphere R1
If you read the introductory piece to this blog series on the Personal Cybersphere,
you'll already know the secret password: RELEVANT RELATIONSHIPS!
The key to activating RECOGNITION is quite simple: RELEVANCE . If your opening message or offer is relevant to her needs and lifestyle, if your Brand communicates as a 21st Century Brand, then perhaps your target customer will let you in. Those odds increase if she has the feeling that you know her: you “see” her, and therefore understand her life and needs.

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The concept of SEEING is brilliantly illustrated in the blockbuster movie, AVATAR. When one of the occupants of the planet Pandora is asked by the American soldier how to say “Hello” in her native language, Nav’i, she responds: Oel ngati kameie. I SEE YOU.
Do you truly see your most valuable customers? Or are they only objects to you, mere short-term dispensers of Euros, Dollars, Yen?
In Barcelona Virtual, we focus all of our Marketing strategies on “Finding Wally”. The popular figure of the childrens’ books "Where's Waldo?" (© copyright Martin Handford) is perfect for symbolizing the 20% who cause 80% of your sales (the well-known Pareto Principle).
Have you found Wally? Do you truly see him?
If you do, then he might open up R1 to you, recognising your Brand and welcoming you his Personal Cybersphere. Yet, only as a first step.

Key Points
  • R1, the first of four levels in the Personal Cybersphere, is RECOGNITION
  • A recognised Brand is relevant, 21st Century and truly sees its customers
  • Focus your strategy on “Wally”, your most profitable client
  • Oel ngati kamei, the art of seeing: an on-going investment in getting to know him

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· Cover photo updated on 27 April 2023. 
* “The Cybersphere, A Theory in Full Expanision: Sociology, As Well As Advertising, Validates a New Thesis about the Digital Generation”. CONTROL, September 2001.

"The Personal Cybersphere" and "The 4 Rs" are  © Copyright Paul W. Fleming.

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