PODCAST 43 | Five Ways You Can Profit from Coming Challenges · S04 E08

S04 E08 · 5 Ways You Can Profit from Coming Challenges
_In our 43rd episode, we look at coming challenges and the opportunities they may hide.

Worldwide, it seems
we’re once again travelling into uncharted waters,
with storm clouds hovering.

For those of us who have gone through
other crises such as the Dot.com Bubble, the 2008 Crash,
and COVID, we’re actually quite well trained.

Still, we thought it would be a good idea
to pass on some very practical and actionable tips
to our listeners, to equip us all! 

To listen right here,
just scroll
down to the embedded
audio. Or ask Alexa herself to play this
latest edition of our Flash Briefing.

We share tips in 5 Focus Areas
for challenges coming this Fall & Winter.

Discover "X-Commerce",
optimise your E-Mail Deliverability,
improve conversions with Video –
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BV Podcast S04 E08 | September 2022


Coming Soon: The BV Story Studio

62% of consumers watch product review videos
before making a purchase, and the conversion to sales
increases 80% with a video on a Landing Page.


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Source: The European Business Review

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This post was originally published on 07 October 2022.
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