PODCAST 39 | Innovation in Food · Luis Román, A European Willy Wonka · S04 E04

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Constant innovation feeds the success of Spain's Lacasa Chocolates, especially in e-Commerce.

In our 39th Episode, we enjoy an interesting and practical chat
with Luis Román, Director of New Business Development
at Lacasa.

Lacasa is a 170-year old European leader
in the Food and Confectionery industry,

Lacasitos – 'the Spanish M&Ms' –
are so beloved by consumers that
it has been impossible for Mars, Inc.
to unseat the Brand & its dominant
market share.

Transparent and knowledgable,
Luis freely shares not only the day-to-day
ways he fosters Innovation and Creativity
within his team.

He also offers strategic Marketing advice,
as well as tips for those in the Food Industry
wishing to enter (and succed) in e-Commerce.

Listen right here, and scroll down to consult
additional resources 

in this episode's Programme Notes.

"Capitalise the ROI & value
of your Top Brands.

What's truly innovative
should be new & very relevant,
leading your consumers to buy,
again and again."

Programme Notes and Links
BV Podcast S04 E04 | April 2022


Conguitos Cups was a major launch this year. Will Lacasa threaten Hershey's "Reese's"?

Saving European Innovation · September, 2021 


The catchy campaign for the new product includes its own song and special dance moves





The official trailer for the original Willy Wonka movie, 1971

The official trailer for the remake with Johnny Depp, 2005


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