PODCAST 38 | Affinità, Five Years of International Innovation · S04 E03

Blog Cover Podcast s04 e03 - 5 Years of Innovation with Affinità
International Innovation has a new home: Affinita.com 

This 38th Episode of our podcast is especially unique.
It's our way to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Affinità,
our global network.

Founded in March of 2017
by 10 European agencies –
Affinità is an alliance now
spanning four continents.

After we blew out the candles, we interviewed 3 CEOS
of Affinità agencies in New York, Amsterdam, and London.

And, be sure to listen until the end,
to hear from a very special guest from
an unlikely hotbed of Innovation!

Listen right here, and scroll down to consult
additional resources 

in this episode's Programme Notes.

How Víctor Rivera,
founder of Agenda in New York,
completely transformed his agency,
centering everything around
his employees.

Followed by a stroll along Amsterdam's
canals with Jelle Oskam,
an impressive Dutch Smart Data

For advice on Trends & B2B Marketing,
we pop in for a pint
with Jason Talbot, MD of London’s
award-winning agency,
The Croc.

Programme Notes and Links
BV Podcast S04 E03 | March 2022



Affinità - Group Photo - Founding Agencies March 2017The original 10 agencies at the Network's founding in Paris, March of 2017

Saving European Innovation · September, 2021 



Why Northern Sweden is so Hot! · November, 2021



Hervé Kabla - Founder of AffinitàHervé Kabla, founder of Affinità, at a seminar for Saudi energy experts in Barcelona, 2019


5YRS - Launch 2017 - VisualsSome of the Marketing Collateral for the official Press Launch in Berlin, 2017


2-jpgCelebrating 5 Years of Affinità at YOURS, Affinità Sweden. March, 2022

Podcast Transcript

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