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Alexa Flash Briefing Episode 12: Competition in Europe between Amazon & Google Heats Up
In our 12th Flash Briefing: Competition in Europe between Amazon & Google Heats Up

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A year after the launch of a Castillian-Spanish speaking Alexa here in Spain, we look at the latest stats for Amazon Echo and Google Home in Europe. And we offer a Smart Data Tip to help you prepare for Voice Search in this twelfth episode of our popular Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing.

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BREAKING NEWS · 15 NOV 2019 Amazon Sold 3 Times More Smart Speakers than Google in Q3 2019



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What Are the Stats for Alexa in Europe?

In Europe, the Smart Speaker market is less than three years old, that’s why growth is still so strong. According to IDC, the market grew almost 527% from 2016 to 2017 -- and 90% from 2017 to 2018.

Last year, 16 million smart speakers shipped here on the Old Continent. By 2023, IDC expects 43 million units to be sold in Europe (which seems low to us).

And getting back to worldwide figures, cites smart speaker sales surpassing 1 billion units in 2023, if we combine totals from China, U.S, and the rest of the world. 

Alexa devices have been the leader in Europe – until 2019. In Q1 of this year, Google captured the first spot.


Why is Google Home Gaining Share?

This past Spring, Amazon had some supply problems in Europe. At the same time, Google has been expanding rapidly into new markets; right now Google Home (now rebranded as Nest) is sold in 10 European countries.

Analysts think it’s due to Amazon’s focus on developers & new skills – as well as improving device capabilities. Whilst Google has concentrated more on basic functionalities, localising new languages & entering new countries.

However, Google is not impervious to fickle moves on the part of Digital Fate. This October, thousands of Google Actions (the equivalent of Amazon Alexa Skills) mysteriously disappeared online, as Bret Kinsella reported.

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_In the UK, as in other European countries, Amazon uses very human stories to introduce Alexa


Google Home was rebranded as Nest in May of 2019

Flash Briefing 12 | October, 2019


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