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Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing 08 | Invisible Branding

In our 8th Flash Briefing: "Invisible Branding"

Thanks for stopping by! In this episode, Paul explores the concept of "Invisible Branding", an additional component of the Voice Paradigm Shift. This redefinition of Branding is critical to understanding Intelligent Marketing.

Listen in, as he chats with Jacqueline Ramos, Director of Creative Strategy at Barcelona Virtual.

As always, concise and to the point. In this post, you can find more detailed information, examples and links mentioned during the podcast.

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"Invisible Branding": Key Points

No Visual Cues

Despite high growth in Smart Display sales in 2018, for the vast majority of current Voice users, there are no logos, flashy graphics and other visuals to be seen. Their aural experience is Hands-Free, Bio-Logical and Hyper-Personal.

Customer Touchpoints

What Advertising has long defined as "Touchpoints", related to a media campaign or customer journey, are now exploding as consumers talk back! In their conversation, Paul and Jackie explore the relevance of up to 30 interactions with Brands via Voice Assistants that occur -- with the Brands entirely in the background.

Each day, every day: morning, noon and night.

Trusted AI Assistants

We are moving from Trusted Brands, (preeminent in our lives from generations of TV impacts), to the intimate, daily interactions with new family members: our Trusted AI Assistants.

Voice Ads

The most alert listeners will take note of something new in our Flash Briefings: "Voice Ads" for the European Derby Hotels Collection.

BV 4 As NotebookWe've structured such Voice Ads in four distinct elements,
which we call The "4 A's of Barcelona Virtual":

  1. AWAKEN! A brief, airy opening audio clip, denoting a coming commercial message in the midst of editorial content.
  2. ATUNE The first sentence, informational in nature ("London boutique hotel"), which should be atuned to needs of the audience.
  3. AWARD The second sentence, offering a relevant benefit ("10% discount" with a code), designed for maximum engagement.
  4. AMPLIFY Each Brand's Voice Ad should end with its unique audio "Sign-off", a memorable sound clip that amplifies its Brand Identify.*

A good case study of "Amplify" can be found in the interesting case of the new Audio Branding for Mastercard, deconstructed in a compelling way by Josh Braaten on the blog of Brandish Insights

* Currently under development by our team for Derby.

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Originally published on this blog on 17 May 2019.


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