CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY SPECIAL · Alexa European Marketing Flashbriefing S02 E13

Barcelona Virtual:  Join us for this Christmas Holiday Special, from our hearts to yours. -
Join us for this Christmas Holiday Special, from our hearts to yours

As we end 2020,
we're also marking the 2nd Anniversary of our
Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing.

Our Voice Team has created this very special
Holiday Episode to say thank you to all of
our faithful listeners around the world.

So, kick back, relax and grab a virtual cookie or two ;-)

And don't miss Paul's personal message
at the very end!

Listen right here, and scroll down
to consult additional resources related to this Episode.

It’s said that "Attitude is the difference
between an ordeal, and an adventure.”
We hope these inspiring ideas
make a big difference for everyone.

Flash Briefing S02 E13 | December 2020



Why Solitude and Silence Are Good for You, Especially If You're the CEO

10 rules for Success from Warren Buffet



Hanukkah’s True Meaning Is About Jewish Survival

Powerful: A man confronts fear, anger & despair, due to a tragedy · The book

The Prince of Peace: A hauntingly beautiful Christmas classic, sung by Clay Aiken


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This post originally published on 11 December 2020.
Flash Briefing release: 10 December2020 on Alexa devices, here on this blog & popular podcast platforms.

Many thanks to Free MP3 Christmas Songs for the Christmas carols featured on the podcast 💖


  • 17 December 2020

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