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S03 E03 - Smart Media Effectivity_YTIn this engaging chat, we try to simplify the complexity of Digital Media

Paul, Carrie and George speak with David Lahoz,
a European Smart Media expert.

He's also a Senior Specialist of the
Barcelona Virtual Innovation Lab.

An Internet pioneer with more than 23 years of experience,
David has participated in every paradigm shift:
in the front row with advertising agencies, creators of digital products,
digital media sales and large media centres.

In this short interview, he simplifies the complexity
of the dense Digital Media Landscape,
with a user-centric focus
anchored in Contextual Marketing.

Listen right here, and scroll down to consult
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Digital Media depends on teamwork:
avoid the trap of org charts & data silos.

You're competing for a precious resource:
the attention of people.

Campaigns must be as relevant as possible.
Smart Media success comes from being contextual.



Programme Notes and Links
BV Podcast S03 E03 | March 2021


Display Advertising Data Landscape - David Christian
Global Advertising Share by Medium - 2019-2022 - Marketing Charts

The Main Mistake
in paid Advertising campaigns is working in silos.

Digital Media are very complex and to be the most efficient and effective, we must understand actions as ecosystems. Working all teams: strategy, creativity and media together from the beginning is vital. We must all be aligned with the objectives.

Define Key Point Indicators and tools to measure it. The definition of our target audience, with devices, platforms, and formats that are aligned with the objectives of the campaign.

Usually, the media teams work on the campaign at the end of the work process – limiting the richness of planning and the potential for success

David Lahoz


Europe - Global Web Index 1 of 2
Europe - Global Web Index 2 of 2

Contextual Marketing
We must be as relevant as possible.

This can only be achieved by thinking in the context of the consumer. The segmentation capacity of Digital Media through data is very high.

And if we clearly define the consumer context, then, we will send the correct message in the correct place and at the right moment to maximise the success of the actions.

David Lahoz

La Redoute Real-Time

This real-time, weather-based campaign from a French retailer
is a good example of contextual creativity that attracts attention & creates engagement

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Source: Salesforce Research, 2020

Global Media Cost-Effectiveness - April 2021 - Marketing Charts

How to Create Context
Context is built by defining various ingredients.

At what point in the Funnel is the customer? His vital moment?
Understanding what interests them, and what kinds of messages will be relevant to them.
And, of course, which devices, platforms and formats
are more appropriate to send these messages

David Lahoz


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