LAB | ALEXA & AMBIENT · BV European Marketing Podcast · S03 E06

S03 E06In this 32st edition, we explore Alexa's focus on Ambient Computing & highlights of Alexa Live 2021

With Alba on summer vacation,
Paul is joined in the studio by the entire Voice Services Team
of our BV Innovation Lab.

Whilst George extolls the benefits
of Ambient Computing and Henry reveals
new Voice Commerce capabilities,
not everyone is convinced.

Leslie continues to be affected by #FOA and
clearly does not find it funny when Carrie
suggests she track her boyfriend – using Alexa!

Listen right here, and scroll down to consult
additional resources 

in this episode's Programme Notes.

"Ambient Computing
includes Voice,
but it takes us even further:

Into an immersive experience
that is also visual,
and where we may interact
via gestures and even motion.

Sensors will help Alexa to provide us
with useful, contextual solutions."



Programme Notes and Links
BV Podcast S03 E06 | June-July 2021



The Alexa Live Keynote video gives a rich overview 
of the more than 50 innovations presented in Seattle on 21 July 2021


Send to Phone: This engaging example from McDonald's UK
shows seamless interaction between Alexa and "Mc Apps" ;-)


A major announcement at Alexa Live 2021:
the possibility to purchase products directly from within a Skill 


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Podcast Transcript

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* The four members of our Voice Services team Carrie, George, Leslie and Henry are AI-generated, natural language voices. Their personalities have continued to develop (and even flower) since they joined the BV Team in the Spring of 2020. Each one was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada at NaturalSoft, Limited.

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