CRISIS, HOPE & OPPORTUNITY · Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing · S02 E10

Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing podcast · S02 E10 · Crisis, Hope & Opportunity · Barcelona Virtual ·
Fasten Your Seatbelts: This might be the stormiest fall and winter in recent history

Stunningly negative Q2 results were revealed for GPDs across Europe, just before August vacations began.

Yet there's still hope! In response to that bad news, our Voice Services Team went to work, researching those numbers and preparing very accionable tips to help you prepare your business.

And discover opportunities others might overlook! 

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Record drops in European GDP numbers, concerns about political stability, consumer demand & supply chains: this is one of our most important editions ever!

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Flash Briefing S02 E10 | September 2020



Josep Torra, Barcelona Virtual
Jacqueline Ramos, Barcelona Virtual
Paul Fleming, Barcelona Virtual



Be sure to ALSO listen to Episode 04 of Season 02 (April, 2020) 
where we share "Lessons Learned", along with Smart Data tips,
in the hope of helping colleagues, entrepreneurs and 
 companies to weather this new challenge.



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The Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing Team - Barcelona Virtual -

The Production Team of our European Marketing Alexa Flash Briefing: Peter, Anna and Paul

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