PODCAST 47 | Euro Innovators · Raquel Fructos, Easy Neuromarketing · S05 E01

In our 47th Episode, we begin Season 5 with an engaging chat with @neurorachel

Transcripción del podcast en castellano

Raquel Fructos, also known as @neurorachel on Instagram,
is a successful entrepreneur, European Thought Leader
and Senior Specialist at the BV Innovation Lab.

Always a favourite of our worldwide audience,
we’ve invited her back to give us an update on Neuromarketing.
Along with some cool new tools that can improve campaigns.


Companies around the world
are changing the rules about how they study
& understand consumer behavior.

And thanks to AI,
it's much easier, cheaper & more effective.

– Raquel Fructos – 

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Programme Notes

Programme Notes and Links
BV Podcast S05 E01 | POD 47



Danish start-up Neurons offers Predict AI, which they call "AI-driven Attention Analysis"

BV European Marketing Podcast S02 E11 · Why You Need Neuromarketing




Facial Coding and Eye Tracking: see how it's done

Rachel Subheader - def-2

Visual, Personal, Memory, Tangible, Contrast and Emotion.


Feeder: A Quick Overview

BV European Marketing Podcast S04 E06 · Studio Live Session: Neuromarketing 


Get to know the BV Innovation Lab in less than 30 seconds.
see video on youtube · lab.bvirtual.com

Podcast Transcript

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