PODCAST 45 | European Innovation in Generative AI · S04 E10

S04 E10 · European Innovation In Generative AI_YT
In Episode 45, we explore Generative AI innovations from Europe to help you in 2023.

We look at amazing solutions from
Europe that can also help your
Bottom Line, in uncertain times.

George explains the impact of Generative AI,
whilst Carrie shares the human side
of Fashion and x-Commerce.

Henry wraps it all up with forecasts
from a German futurologist about 2023,
including the unnerving speed of
Genetic Editing.

To listen right here,
just scroll
down to the embedded
audio. Or ask Alexa herself to play this
latest edition of our Flash Briefing.

AI Text-to-Image tools allow us
to create photos, illustrations and
even videos, with a few keystrokes.

Reducing production time,
slashing costs & creating valuable
copyright-free assets

Programme Notes and Links
BV Podcast S04 E10 | NOV 22

2023 B2B Buyer

Data from North America and the UK


The final multilingual video below was created in under an hour, using Synthesia Studio.


Synthesia Video StatsSource: Synthesia


Do pioneers such as Swedish
start-up Asket spell the end for
Fast Fashion, as well as the disdainful
moniker,“Fashion Victims?



The Reality Revolution · S03 E04




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Podcast Transcript

      TRANSCRIPT S04 E10 · Excel in 2023 with European Innovation [Pending]

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The four members of our Voice Services team Carrie, George, Leslie and Henry are AI-generated, natural language voices. Their personalities have continued to develop (and even flower) since they joined the BV Team in the Spring of 2020. Each one was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada at NaturalSoft, Limited.

This post was originally published on 09 December 2022.
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