PODCAST 56 | Flying High at Mobile World Congress 2024 · S06 E02

_An exuberant George reports back from #MWC24 in Barcelona.
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Say hello to the Future!

For our 56th episode, we’ve prepared
a very special episode,
in which we’ll be flying quite high.

So, fasten your seat belts for this one!
It’s going to be quite a ride!

You can listen to the podcast
right below.

And just scroll down
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Programme Notes


101,000 attendees. 1,100 speakers.
25 Country Pavilions with
205 nations and territories represented.

Barcelona's MWC simply exploded
with News and Innovation!



Programme Notes and Links
BV Podcast S06 E02 | POD 56


– Official Websites –
"Experience the Power of Connectivity"

Powering Startups for the last Ten Years


– Overview –

mwc24 stats


Click on the Photos below to Watch

CLICK TO WATCH: Demis Hassabis, Goole Deep Mind
CLICK TO WATCH: Brad Smith, Microsoft AI Access Principles

CLICK TO WATCH: Dr Zina Cinker, Jim Dukhovny, Game Changers

AI Access Principles for the new AI Economy

– Overview –


– Founders Summit: "Empower Your Brand" –

Roundtable with Dina Mostovaya, Paul Fleming & Hanisha Vaswani

Earth Stage #4YFN - Roundtable with Dina Mostovaya, Paul Fleming & Hanisha Vaswani

Brandgibility.com · A Tangible Brand Is A Profitable Brand

Paul Fleming explained his concept of "Brandgibility" at #4YFN,
providing a helpful Resource Page on the subject.


An interesting 21-minute summary about  Figure
and the latest in humanoid Robotics 

This episode reminded Paul of this mega-hit from the 1970s ;-) 

Discover the Qoob Zone, shown at #4YFN24. 

group foto 2 - thumbs up

Event photos: Mindset Consulting


Case in Point

At #4YFN during Mobile World Congress 2024,
we presented Lacasa "Megatubos"
of "Lacasitos" & "Conguitos" chocolates
to co-speakers Dina Mostovaya of Mindset Consulting
and Hanisha Vaswani of Majority Fund,
personalised with their Brands.

💡 Get "Brandgible" 💡
That might even be a good idea for you:
to "sweeten" the Relationship
with your own company's best clients


hologram ai 
Exhibitors were showing AI visualisations as disembodied
holographic faces floating in glass orbs.

Podcast Transcript

      TRANSCRIPT [Pending] - BV European Marketing Podcast - S06 E02

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This post was originally published on 20 March 2024

Podcast release:
19 March 2024 on Alexa devices; 20 March 2024 here on this blog & popular podcast platforms.


  • 25-27 March 2024
  • 05 April 2024

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