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In Episode 44, surprising ideas to strengthen your teams in these challenging times.

In this edition, we're continuing our series
of strategies to equip you to face current challenges:
inflation, supply chain disruptions, economic downturns,
along with a gloomy Christmas outlook.

We often talk about
Technological Innovation. It’s time now
for us to really focus on Human Innovation.

Today, let's listen to two leading Spanish experts
who do just that.

To listen right here,
just scroll
down to the embedded
audio. Or ask Alexa herself to play this
latest edition of our Flash Briefing.

Human Innovation is a new way
of treating people at the workplace.

Seeing them as "fully human"
makes teams unstoppable,
unleashing innovation, growth,
and self-confidence.

The perfect antidote 
to the fear that is omnipresent
in the Business world.

Programme Notes and Links
BV Podcast S04 E09 | October 2022

5 Levels of Employee Empowerment

Source: European Business Review

A leader must provide a vision,
enabling their employees
to see themselves in their
future success

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Leadeeers Legacy 14.11.22"Leader's Legacy", a recent workshop by Fully Human, designed to foster meaning at work.

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IG 3-1


IG 2-1



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aug16-01-hbr-vincent-tsui-emotional-intelligence-01Can You Really Power an Organization with Love?
Illustration: Vincent Tsui for The Harvard Business Review

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