PODCAST 36 | Metaverse Rewind, Europe's Vital Role · S04 E01

METAVERSE REWIND: Europe's Vital Role · BV European Marketing Podcast · S04 E01
Facebook's "Big News" last Fall had already been a reality 15 years earlier.
We rewind to revisit Metaverse 1.0 ... and explore Version 2.0!

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Podcast · Rebobinado del Metaverso: El papel clave de Europa · Google Translate

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Paul and his team launch Season 4
of our European Marketing Podcast by sharing 5 years
of experience gained in the Metaverse.

Version 1.0, that is!

We also update you
about the latest developments for Metaverse 2.0,
provide stats about projected growth
and explore Europe's key role in the creation
of this Brave New World.

And don't miss the surprise Intro,
in which Alba and Paul go "Back to the Future
in a very unexpected way!

 Listen right here, and scroll down to consult
additional resources 

in this episode's Programme Notes.

Analysts say the Metaverse market
could present an $800 billion
revenue opportunity
by 2024.

And Europe is listening.

Programme Notes and Links
BV Podcast S04 E01 | January 2022


De Second Life al Marketing en Metaversos · (2008). Autores: Carlos López Ramon y Manuel Alonso Coto. Prólogo por Paul Fleming.In 2008, Paul was asked to write the prologue for this pioneering book in Spain.

La Isla de Barcelona Virtual en Second LifeMetaverse 1.0 · The Island of Barcelona Virtual in Second Life · 2009


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Wednesday, 16 March 2022 · Start at Minute 11:28



PODCAST LESSONS LEARNED - 31.01.225 Tips for Brands interested in having a presence in the Metaverse,
based on our experience.

Metaverse 1.0 - Lessons Learned - ALWAYS-ONA long-term vision + commitment is essential. Think "24/7", with resources to allow you to always be available.

Metaverse 1.0 - Lessons Learned - 3D BRANDINGIn the Metaverse, a Brand can express itself in many new ways.
And consumers there wish to "play" with it.

Metaverse 1.0 - Lessons Learned - LOSE CONTROLCommunities in Virtual Worlds can be challenging, yet very rewarding.
Be open and delegate to responible Super Fans.

Metaverse 1.0 - Lessons Learned - META IDENTITYDuring Metaverse 1.0, cloaked identities of avatars were a problem for Marketers In 2.0, privacy will be important, too.

Metaverse 1.0 - Lessons Learned -LIVING LAB

The Metaverse: an exciting 24-hour Innovation Lab for any Brand eager
to embrace the Future, experiment and evolve.

SEE ALSO · Five Years of Experience in Metaverse 1.0 


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Podcast Transcript

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