LAB | Web 3 and More Surprises · BV European Marketing Podcast · S03 E09

Web 3 and More Surprises · BV European Marketing Podcast · S03 E09
Web 3, robots, the Metaverse, Tesla, Time Travel & more: All in Episode 35!

In this final episode of Season 3, 
we interview Edgar Griñant: Developer,
Data Analyst and our Chief Innovation

We highlight the evolution of technologies
most people aren’t yet aware of.

We focus on "Web3", the rise of cryptocurrencies
and the new blockchain-based privacy, among other things.

 Perhaps even a robot, or two!

And since it's almost Christmas,
be prepared as well for the virtual scent
of holiday pastries and a touch
of holiday cheer ;-)

Listen right here, and scroll down to consult
additional resources 

in this episode's Programme Notes.

"Web 3 is not a substitute, but rather
a complement to the Internet
we know and use today.

It will enable the use of technologies
like decentralised apps, smart contracts,
blockchain and cryptocurrencies,
directly from the browser."

Edgar Griñant


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BV Podcast S03 E09 | December 2021





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