EUROPEAN INNOVATION | Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing · S02 E08

Barcelona Virtual - Innovation in Europe - WayRay - Sprout World - NARS with Spotify - Alexa Auto
Our Voice Services Team presents some of their favourite cases

In this edition, we return with our regular look at interesting examples of innovative Product and Marketing strategies from across Europe. Along with two "bonus" stories we couldn't resist.

Surprising technology from the land of clocks, green innovation from the Danish capital & pioneering Voice Marketing with Spotify.

Paul challenged our Voice Services Team to source interesting stories about European Innovation, and they didn't disappoint! Check out which cases were brought to the studio by Carrie, George and Leslie -- and who Anna decided should win this round!

NEWSFLASH! 28/07/20
Amazon has started selling the Echo Auto in France / Echo Auto : Ajoutez Alexa à votre voiture

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Flash Briefing S02 E08 | July 2020


    Transcript (Pending):Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing S02 E08

SWITZERLAND | WayRay · "Minority Report Windshields" with AR

Barcelona Virtual | The Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing · S02 E08

 DENMARK | Sprout · Innovations to Inspire Green Change

Barcelona Virtual | The Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing · S02 E08

FRANCE SWEDEN UK | NARS + Spotify · Voice-Activated Beauty Campaigns 

Barcelona Virtual | The Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing · S02 E08

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Carrie fell in love with this Finnish project. They keep dairy cows happy and consumers informed with AI.



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The Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing Team - Barcelona Virtual -

The Production Team of our European Marketing Alexa Flash Briefing: Pere, Anna and Paul

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Original post published on 08 July 2020
Flash Briefing released on 09 July 2020 on Alexa devices & popular podcast platforms.


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