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Neuromarketing's time has come, especially for "Brands we fall in love with". Like yours?

If you've ever wondered just what the heck "Neuromarketing" is,
then this special episode is for you.

Join us for an engaging conversation with
Raquel Fructos, founder of The Smart Bubble & Senior Consultant at Barcelona Virtual.

You'll finish the podcast saying, "WOW!"

Listen right here, and scroll down
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Pre-test the Effectivity of your campaigns, using new tools to measure emotional & physical responses.

Increase the value of your investment by understanding your Persuasion Index score.

Know beforehand if your Packaging changes will succeed on store shelves.


Flash Briefing S02 E11 | October 2020


Facial Coding and Eye Tracking: see how it's done


This Mercedes-Benz TV spot's Neurotest shows the emotional & physical reactions measured.

Raquel Fructos, founder of the European Neuromarketing agency, The Smart Bubble

In Spain, Raquel — "@NeuroRachel" on Social Media — is a Neuromarketing pioneer.


Silicon Valley insiders reveal how the AI of Social Media is "re-programming civilization*.

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Podcast Transcript

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Beta version post (without the audio of the podcast) was published on 15 October 2020.
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  • 16 / 19 / 21 October 2020

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