PODCAST 52 | German Innovation · The KI Factor · S05 E06

In our 52nd episode, we take a “Deep Dive” into Deep Tech, with a focus on Innovation in Germany.

Paul reports back after attending
the 2023 Deep Tech Awards,
an annual event in which the 'Senat'
– Berlin's regional government –
recognises 5 Berlin-based companies,
in five different tech categories.

And we take the opportunity
to do a mini "SWOT" Analysis on Germany's potential
to win the global Innovation Race!

You can listen to the podcast right here.
Just keep scrolling down!

Just what exactly is
the “KI Factor”?

That secret ingredient found in
Germany's "Secret Sauce"?

Programme Notes and Links
BV Podcast S05 E06 | POD 52


SENATORIN FRANSIKA GIFFEY - 172413_20230706_cc6_7129_deep_tech_award_2023_christoph_soeder

Berlin Senator Franziska Giffey opened the event (Christoph Soeder)

Keynote Presentation Senatorin Franziska Giffey Deep Tech Berlin 2023

Short video: Senator Giffey talks about Berlin's Innovation Roadmap [in German]

FINALISTS - 191848_20230706_cc5_5487_deep_tech_award_2023_christoph_soederRecognising the Finalists from 5 award categories, at the end of Deep Tech 2023 in Berlin (Christoph Soeder)

CHART - Breakdown of Startups in Germany - 2022 - blog


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IMG_9052Prof. Dr. Halecker .The 5 Phases that let us to Deep Tech


IMG_9057Prof. Dr. Halecker .German Innovation's biggest challenges


IMG_9067Dr. Tina Klüwer paraphrased Goethe: "Grey, dear friend, is all theory," The research infrastructure is underexploited.

IMG_9073Dr. Klüwer: German AI-Startups are young, perform their own research, yet lack Marketing & Sales skills.



The Daimler Benz "Avatar Vision", featuring their 2039 Concept Car

BV European Marketing Podcast S02 E05 · Innovation in Germany · 2020


Get to know the BV Innovation Lab in less than 30 seconds.
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Podcast Transcript

      TRANSCRIPT - BV European Marketing Podcast - S05 E06 · German Innovation

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