01 | PERSONALISATION · 5 Things AI Needs to Know about Intelligent Marketing

01 | PERSONALISATION · 5 Things AI Needs To Know About Intelligent Marketing
In Video 01, we explore how AI can help you with your own Personalisation strategies.

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Welcome to our video series on AI & Intelligent Marketing. In this post, which includes the first video, we'll explore how AI can help you with your own personalisation strategies.

To begin with, let’s understand why we should use Artificial Intelligence.

Today’s consumers are overwhelmed by the noise of the Digital Matrix and can feel lost in the Desert of shifting sands of constant change. This is an excellent opportunity to establish a solid Relationship between your brand and each one of your best customers. And AI can help!

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Key Benefits of Personalising with AI

What are some of the advantages of personalising with Artificial Intelligence?

Firstly, it leads to an improved Customer Experience. Secondly, it increases sales and finally, it will help you to discover important insights about your customers. AI can analyse their data and behaviour, and predict the best products, offers, and prices for each person.

Customers highly value brands that personalise. 80% are more likely to buy from companies who know them, 63% will stop buying from brands with bad 1-to-1 Marketing, and 66% will abandon a purchase if the content isn’t personal and is irrelevant.

Getting Started with AI Personalisation

So how can you get started? Let’s take a look at three things you must first do in order to have a solid foundation for Personalisation with AI:

  • Collect information  Collect data on your customers’ behaviour and preferences.
    Example: See The Derby Suitcase, where we used Narrative Forms and Drag & Drop.

  • Analyse data  Analyse this data to identify patterns and insights.
    Example: AI can locate your "Profitable 20%", if programmed to do an RFM Analysis.

  • Personalise content  Use these insights to personalise your content for each customer.
    Example: See the Selligent Success Story on our BV YouTube Channel.

By following these steps, you can create the basis for personalised experience for your customers that AI will be able to enhance dramatically. Building stronger relationships with those customers who really matter.


Thank you for watching Video 01.  We hope it helps you create truly personalised & profitable Intelligent Marketing.
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The craze about Generative AI is similar
to the power and glamour of electric cars.
They're shiny, amazing – and the design
is often breathtaking.

Yet, even the most expensive
Tesla is worthless, if it's not charged up.

– Liam –

Common Challenges

Creating an effective AI Personalisation strategy is not done by informally playing with Gen AI tools, just as Chat GPT, DALL·E3 or Microsoft Co-Pilot. You also need to keep in mind the following stoppers.

Data Fragmentation

Data fragmentation is a major challenge that can slow down your Sales & Marketing efforts, causing burnout and ineffectiveness. To overcome this challenge, it is critical to centralise customer information from Legacy systems and Data Silos. This will give you quick access to relevant, Real-Time information that can help you reach Omnichannel Consumers in a personal way.

Future-Proof Your Best Products & Strategies!

Poor Marketing Strategies

Millions of Euros are wasted each day on badly-conceived marketing that targets the wrong people. Thanks to the AI revolution, you can now identify, segment, and target only those consumers who truly make your company grow. At BV, our first strategic step is to ask ourselves: "Who is the most profitable customer?" Is it the Heavy User, the Greatest Fan – or that 20% who will cause 80% of your business?

AI can help you find them.

Ignoring Digital Lifestyles

True "Jedis" of Intelligent Marketing know that success depends on one thing: understanding the Digital Lifestyle (DL) of their best customers. Does Carmen shop using Alexa? Does Ben unlock his bike biometrically? Are they gamers? "Twitchers"? How can you know if Tik Tok is truly the best channel?

By understanding the DL of your customers, you can create personalised experiences that will help you build stronger relationships with them.

AI can analyse
your customers' data,
behaviour & predict the best products,
offers & prices for each person.

– Jordi –

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