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In Video 03, you'll see how the "combo" of Geomarketing + AI could redefine your Marketing game.

Go Glocal! 

Welcome back to the third installment of our exciting series on AI and Intelligent Marketing! Alex, from our BV Innovation Lab, together with his colleague George will  unravel the secrets of Geomarketing.

If you link Geo with AI, you have an explosive combination for your Marketing strategies. Among other things, Personalisation and Relevance that will drive your KPIs higher and higher.

That's why we're so excited to share this third video with you!

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Cracking the Code: Geomarketing + AI 

In the world of Marketing, precision is key, and that's where Geomarketing comes in. It's all about tailouring your strategies to specific locations, cultures, and targets. At BV, we're strong advocates for using Geomarketing to reach your most profitable customers.

Let's dive into the practical benefits of incorporating Geomarketing into your strategy.


Three Benefits of Geomarketing You Can't Ignore 

In the world of Marketing, precision is key, and that's where Geomarketing comes in. It's all about tailouring your strategies to specific locations, cultures, and targets. At BV, we're strong advocates for using Geomarketing to reach your most profitable customers.


1. You Start with Geography

Ever wondered where your best sales are coming from? Geomarketing helps you identify your top-performing regions, whether it's the thriving markets in Spain, the most profitable countries in the EU, or the specific states that your leading American customers call home.

2. Deep Dive into Customer Data

Collecting and analysing more data than ever about your customers is a Geomarketing superpower. From location and behavior to preferences and needs, this information boosts conversion rates, optimises budgets, and refines customer segmentation.


How AI Is Revolutionising the Marketing Landscape


3. Precision Marketing: Tailour Your Approach

Geomarketing goes beyond location – it delves into the details that matter. From technical formats to e-commerce issues and tone of voice, this precision ensures your marketing resonates on a personal level with your audience.


"But Wait, There's More!"
Unlock Personalisation with Geomarketing

By incorporating Geomarketing, you elevate your Personalisation strategies to new heights. Your messages, content, products, and services connect better than ever because they seem native to the local culture, language, climate, and other factors of your customers' lives.

You'll reap the rewards by developing glossaries for each market.  Craft campaigns that feel native by using use local time + date formats, the correct currency and payment details, even being careful of special codes around colours and numbers (think China!).

At Barcelona Virtual, international glossaries help us to localise our Marketing

And take special very care of your Brand's tone of voice (the formal You vs the informal you). All of this will convert your Marketing into frictionless communication that weaves itself into the local culture of customers in your most important markets.


Thank you for watching Video 03.  We hope it helps you achieve amazing results!
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– Legendary Mistakes – 

The car company that promoted
a flashy new car that "wouldn't go".

The baby food company that seemed
to be selling infant body parts.

The designer who almost caused
a political crisis by redrawing a map

Avoiding Pitfalls: The Power of Details

At BV, we live by the saying "God is in the details," especially with Geomarketing. While powerful, it requires careful consideration. Here's where AI steps in. In Video 3, George shares other crucial aspects to consider:
  • Physical Location Matters
    Consider how geography and climate influences customer needs, preferences, and logistics.

  • Climate, History, Economy, and Politics
    Dive deep (sensitively) into understanding local issues like history, economy, and politics.

  • Cultural and Linguistic Aspects
    Celebrate holidays, respect cultural nuances, and do your homework. Conversions rise by 60% when campaigns celebrate local festivities, but understanding the emotional and historic meanings is absolutely key.

The Power of Smart Data + Geolocation

This Billboard Ad Coughs When You're Smoking Near It

This example of Smart Media in Sweden attracted worldwide attention

AI Integration

Generative AI can help you in two key ways:

First, when connected to your CRM or sales database,
AI can quickly and efficiently pinpoint your most profitable markets. However, AI bots are not database management systems  and cannot access this data. You'll need to use a separate tool or API to extract the relevant data and feed it into your AI for analysis.

Second, tools such as Chat GPT
(and others) can definitely provide you with detailed information about local aspects of your customers' lives. And even warn you of errors you might unwittingly commit.

Tech Resources for the Geeks Among Us ;-)

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