PODCAST 51 | Euro Innovators · Gemma Cernuda, Women & e-Commerce · S05 E05 [LIVE SESSION]

In Episode 51, meet the "Motor of e-Commerce": Women!

A new study shows,
once again, the power women wield
in Online Commerce.

Gemma Cernuda - European Innovator · BV European Marketing Podcast · S05 E05

Gemma Cernuda began
her own consulting company
22 years ago,
exclusively focused on effective
communication strategies to women.

With her recent study,
Gemma is focusing on e-Commerce. Get ready
for some surprising ideas!

You can already listen to the podcast
right below.

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In English. with captions

Inglés, subtitulado en castellano 


Programme Notes and Links
BV Podcast S05 E05 | POD 51

The 2010 Commercial Ethnography Study for PlayStation Spain. Barcelona Virtual, together with Gemma Cernuda.

For Brands willing
to listen and learn,
the good news is that women
are very open and faithful.

They actively look for companies
genuinely interested in knowing
and understanding them.



Gemma's well-known Tedx Talk, Barcelona (in Spanish) · 2016

Platanomelón, created by European women in e-Commerce


"Valientes": The Documentary about 'Brave Brands' (in Spanish) · 2021

Podcast Transcript

      TRANSCRIPT PENDING - BV European Marketing Podcast - S05 E05 

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