YEAR-END SALES | Put Some Muscle Behind Your Q4 Holiday Strategy

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The challenging economy in this final quarter requires your very best!

2 MIN READ | Quick Read | SALES

We usually all look forward to the famous "Q4".
It's the traditional final sprint, so critical to annual sales.

 2020 will be completely different:
many fear a drop in revenues.

That's why we've prepared this Quick Read to help you.

Keep scrolling down as we share our secrets
in 3 critical areas, to put some "muscle" behind your sales strategy!


1. Get New Customers

According to Marketing Charts, the #1 Lead Generation challenge for 43% of us is that of gathering sufficient information about potential new customers. Follow-up and contacting them is also difficult  for many, despite the fact that 3 in 10 companies have Lead Gen staff.

The latter two points can be easily solved by organising and automating, yet if you begin with a serious derth of data about your Leads, everything you do will be more difficult.

We all know that online forms need to be notoriously short, so how can you get the information you need?

Here's what we do:

How to Get Quality Data Fast

  • Capture information by offering something of value at discount (or for free)
    Relevant inbound content drives traffic, feeds your CRM and lowers acquisition costs -61%.

  • Focus: Target relevant offers to "twins" of your Heavy Users
    Offer relevant "Star Products" to Leads who are identical to your best customers.

  • Don't forget to ask for essential information in the beginning.
    Gender, First Name, Email (business for B2B) and Postcode will help you personalise.

  • Narrative Forms: Keep It Quick, Easy & Fun
    55% of Leads completed profiles in a promotion we created for a European luxury hotel brand.


Top Challenges to Lead Conversion · Barcelona Virtual · Source: Marketing Charts



2. Keep (Spoil) Your Best!

Customer Loyalty and Retention is absolutely critical. especially in Q4.

Not only should you stay focused on the 20% who create 80% of your sales, you should use this season as an opportunity to reward your most profitable customers.

"Loyalty" itself is being redefined by "Always-On consumers. Quality and efficiency are new loyalty levers: an excellent product, caring personal service and responses at #TheSpeedofNow (McDonald's).

Still, don't forget to surprise and spoil your Top Fans. Here are some great ideas:

How to Delight Your Best Customers

  • Personalisation means never losing your memory: CRM is crucial
    Whether you use Excel or platforms like Selligent* (B2C) or Hubspot* (B2B), know their sales history.

  • Packaging + Product Un-boxing: Golden e-Commerce moments
    Take special care in packing and preparing shipments, with little extras, personal notes, etc.

  • Be Proactive! Surprise your best customers with VIP treatment
    "God Is in the Details", said architect, Mies van der Rohe. It looks like KLM got the message:

Personalisation Drivers on e-Commerce Sites · Barcelona Virtual · Source: Marketing Charts


3. Hacks for Better Results

Our mission here is to help you in the clearest way possible.

That's why we do our best to avoid industry jargon. However, in the case of two important "Hacks" —relatively small things you can do to improve results, fast! —you simply need to know these "three-letter-words":

  • SEO· acronym for "Search Engine Optimisation"
  • GEO· short for "Geomarketing"

Try these three simple hacks as soon as you can:

3 Secrets Your Competitors Don't Want You to Know

Can you keep a secret? Use these tips to maintain a competitive advantage.

How to Quickly Improve Conversions

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* Full disclosure: Barcelona Virtual is a Partner Agency of Selligent Marketing Cloud and Hubspot.

Cover photo: Andrea Piacquadio
Original post published on 05/11/2020.


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