DIGITAL LIFESTYLE | What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

In Third-Decade Marketing, knowing your customer's Digital Lifestyle is absolutely critical. 

📋 This post, originally published here in February of 2014, has been updated to reflect current realities.
One of the most celebrated visions of the Future - as well as the Advertising in that Future - is the society presented by Minority Report. Believe it or not, twenty-one years have already passed since Tom Cruise tickled our eyes with a sumptuous feast of technology we supposedly will enjoy in the year 2054.
There's only one problem with that vision. It's already obsolete.
The Future is coming at us like a determined Olympic athlete, faithful to her credo of citius, fortius, altius: Faster, Higher, Stronger. Virtually all of the predictions in the film are being fulfilled much earlier.
And most Brands are not prepared for the rapid adoption of this amazing Digital Lifestyle by the New Consumer.
Why is this important? Precisely because an uninformed Brand is an irrelevant Brand. We can only presume to be relevant companies offering relevant products and services if we do our homework.
The Smart Data that can be garnered by highly-personalised applications allows us to create Intelligent Marketing solutions that dramatically improve the profitability of our Marketing investment.

We will only be fresh and up-to-date if we invest time, interest, resources (and yes, money) in deeply understanding the Digital Lifestyle of our "Wallies", that 20% of our customers who cause 80% of our business. Investing long-term in Customer Intimacy strategies with our most profitable clients will allow us to answer key questions such as these:
  • Is her e-commerce now x-Commerce? Does she pay anytime, anywhere? With a smart watch?
  • Does your most profitable client, "Wally", enter his gym biometrically, scanning his index finger?
Setting one's alarm with Siri
  • Is "Wally" already used to speaking to his mobile devices to obtain information: for stock prices, the weather forecast, or even just to set his morning alarm?
  • Does she dictate searches verbally to ChatGPT?
  • Is Alexa, the family's most popular "nanny" since Mary Poppins?
  • Has he abandoned E-Mail in favour of channels such as Slack or WhatsApp?
  • Does she spend hours in VR Metaverse worlds playing, chatting, flirting ... and buying?
  • Are your B2B decision makers experimenting with ChatGPT? Generative AI
  • Do they work much of the time online at home since Covid? Are they "Digital Nomads"?
  • Do perhaps even you unlock an on-demand bicycle you use ... with a QR Code on your phone?

 Many Brands fail to connect with their best customers because they're mentally still living in 2002 - or even 1992! In the meantime, their most valuable consumers might be interacting with technology - and discovering more advanced competitors - as if it were already 2030.
If this is you, get moving: what you don't know can hurt you ... and your Brand!
What about your company? Do you pass the Digital Lifestyle test?
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This article was originally published on the blog on 18 February 2014.
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Photo credits:
- Minority Report © Copyright 2002, Twentieth Century Fox
- Screenshot of real-life use of Siri, the personal assistent of the Apple iPad
- Cover photo: Shubham Dhage, illustration the Tezos blockchain technology.
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