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Paul Fleming's "Take 5!" on e-Commerce, focused on getting better results - Barcelona Virtual
Enjoy this first edition of Paul's "Take 5!", focused on getting better results in e-Commerce

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Welcome! I'm really glad you've stopped by.

 I was delighted when our blog team came up with the idea of this new "Take 5!" series:
A set of 5 Accionable Insights you can use right away.

We hope they will provide you with the resources and take aways that will help you grow —
and prosper — in these challenging times of Covid.

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Is e-Commerce a key part of your Business Strategy?
Here's a quick 1-Minute Checklist to help you focus on what's truly important to succeed.

Focus on Profitability

Where is Wally?
Signore Pareto was right: 20% of your customers will cause 80% of your turnover.

TAKE FIVE - 1 Create a detailed profile of your most profitable customer.
Call her by her name. Get to know him intimately.
Learn how to start here


VIP Your Products

Only the Stars Make the Cut
Simplify your SKUs. Prioritise products you will only offer online. Not in the real world.

TAKE FIVE - 2 Perfect online products: low seasonality, solid sales volume, intelligent pricing. They're small, light, easy & ethical to make.
Learn how to choose your e-Commerce products


e-Commerce Growth Keys: Personalise, Automate, Remind and Refill, Cross- and Up-Sell · Barcelona Virtual (example Spain's Chocolates Lacasa)Thanks to this strategy, online sales for Spanish chocolate leader Lacasa are breaking records 


Better than Reality

The Always-On Customer Is Demanding
Solve my problem, fast! And in a way that fits my "Digital Lifestyle".


There are millions of Free Ideas. The best way to know if yours sells? Be Customer Centric. Obsess about him, not features.
Why Digital Lifestyle is so critical


The Power of Geo

Stop Selling Bikinis to Eskimos
Selligent: Over 50% of consumers buy more when you use Geo Marketing

TAKE FIVE - 4 42% of consumers would use an app more if it featured location-specific personalisation. But be sure to give privacy controls.
Listen to advanced e-Commerce tips



No Time Like Real-Time

Get ready for #TheSpeedOfNow!
McDonald's hashtag reminds us all to be agile and relevant: to the minute.

TAKE FIVE - 5 Send-Time Optimisation matches offers with the time of day ... and weather! Use automated Business Rules for cross-/upselling.
How AI helps increase sales conversions with Real-Time


DON'T MISS  Customer Experience Could Be The Reason Your Online Shoppers Aren’t Converting



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