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What if you could guarantee the success of your next Marketing campaign? @Neurorachel tells you how!

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Raquel Fructos, Senior Consultant on Neuromarketing at Barcelona VirtualRaquel Fructos, known on Social Media as @neurorachel, shares a critical Insight right from the beginning that will increase your ROI:.

"Never underestimate absolutely any detail of your Communication: your websites, corporate colours and claims. To reach your goals, you must arrive at the primal brain of your customer in the most effective way."

"Rachel" is a passionate Neuromarketing pioneer here in Europe, founder of The Smart Bubble and a Senior Specialist at Barcelona Virtual.

Get ready for your own "mini-course" on the latest Marketing innovation, thanks to her very practical and engaging guest post!


Voyage to Your Customer's Brain

Neurowhat? Yes, I am very used to this question.

Marketers will probably try to answer it, but with only 50 years of history, Neuroscience as a discipline sounds pretty broad to most of us. Here's a good initial definition:

Neuroscience studies not only the brain, but also the mind.

In other words, thanks to modern Hi-Tech equipment, we can study nonconscious reactions of the brain.
The application of these techniques in Marketing Research is what we commonly call "Neuromarketing."

Isolated Tool or New Market Research Technique?

Neuromarketing attempts to solve the same problems as traditional Marketing. That said, its Insights — resulting from the measurement of qualitative responses such as emotional or physical reactions — go beyond conventional, quantitative (and often more superficial) Consumer Research.

It's crucial to differentiate areas where consumers can understand and explain their behaviour or attitude, from the (even more frequent) cases where consumers simply don't know what they really know.

They can't understand or explain their behaviour. 

95% of purchase decisions are unconscious*


How to Convert Biometric Data into Marketing Insights

Let’s take a Usability study as an example.

Google Analytics provides you with digital footprints of consumer behavior. But these well-known KPIs cannot explain what is behind such actions.

  • Biometric information such as Eye Tracking data, will allow you to tell where the subject's visual attention goes, what distracts him, and what might cause her behaviour to be unexpected.

  • Using cameras for Facial Coding also helps identify key Pain Points, moments when consumers are irritated, confused, or happy.

  • Neuro TV  In 2016, Google Australia's Neuromarketing Research collected data on what — and how — Australians watched TV adverts served during the study.

INFOGRAPHIC B_W - Are People Watching My TV Ads - Australia - Think with Google-1

Click here to enlarge the Infographic in colour at the original website

What Are Neurometrics?

The key factor of Neuromarketing studies consists in analysing Neurometrics that reveal the unconscious approach of the audience to the Brand.

This testing measures:

  • AOI (Areas of Interest)
  • Motivation
  • Emotional Triggers
  • Memory and Recall

Nielsen invests $8M a year in Neuromarketing*


It seems to be working: Neuromarketing is an essential part of Marketing practice in the leading market in Global Advertising spending (USA):

CHART TOP 10 - Statista - Spending in the Worlds Largest Advertising Markets 2019

Click here to access the full Chart at the original website

How Can Neuromarketing Help You?

As Senior Specialist here at Barcelona Virtual, I lead a range of Neuromarketing services that can give Brands a definite competitive advantage. The audits and tests we run improve the ROI of our customers' Marketing investments immediately.

Some of these services include:

  • Campaign Pre-Testing
  • Supermarket Shelf & Packaging Analyses
  • Persuasion Index scoring for Brands
  • Customised Neuroaudits and more!

Engage with me now in a different way, by listening to my recent interview on our podcast:
The Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing:


IN DEPTH  Get even more resources about Neuromarketing, in the episode's Programme Notes

So, what do you think?

Why don't we try — together— to change Neuro What? ...  to Neuro Wow!

Now, more than ever, it is vital to:

  • Go beyond customary quantitative analytics
  • Understand the importance of emotional and physical responses
  • Validate Marketing effectivity using Neuromarketing

* Sources: Gerald Zaltman / Nielsen

 Original post published on 21 October 2020.


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