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To enable our faithful listeners to quickly locate previous episodes, from December of 2018 until today, we have created this Directory, which will be updated with each new release.

We hope it is both useful and interesting, and will make it easy to discover -- as well as revisit -- content that will enable you and your company to play a leading role in the nascent Voice Revolution.

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Finding your favourite interview of European innovators, or that special video or link to a useful resource mentioned by Paul or Alejandro is now faster and easier than ever.

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BV European Marketing Podcast | Season 05

    02 Tech trends are global, yet each market is different. How does Affinità spot local needs?

                          [In Script Development and Recording. Scheduled for release March 2023.]

    03 How does the UK produce so many award-winning campaigns? What's their secret?

                          [In Script Development and Recording. Scheduled for release early April 2023.]

The BV Innovation Lab - Demo Space - Barcelona Virtual

The demo space of the BV Innovation Lab

The BV Story Studio - Podcast Interview Corner - Barcelona Virtual

Podcast interview corner in the BV Story Studio


BV European Marketing Podcast | Season 04







Ale and Paul recording Episode 45 (Season 4) in the studio, 02/12/22

BV European Marketing Podcast | Season 03

Programme Notes · Season 2 / Episode 10 · October 2020

BV European Marketing Podcast | Season 02

IMG_3985-primer planoAle and Paul talking about surprising European strategies to face coming challenges, 02/12/22

BV European Marketing Podcast | Season 01


The Backstory

In late October of 2018, Amazon finally launched its long-awaited Alexa-enabled devices in Spain, localised to Castillian Spanish. Here in the agency, we quickly snapped up 2 Echo Dots for in-agency research.

And several members of the team went on to introduce Alexa to their families, by means of the popular Smart Speaker, but also by learning to use new "intelligent devices" such as Philips HUE Smart Lightbulbs and Smart Plugs that quickly transformed our homes -- as well as our daily routines -- into a 21st-Century reality hitherto only seen in Sci-Fi fantasies.

Our Alexa Flash Briefing Is Born

But that's not all we did. We quickly formed our own internal "Alexa Rapid Response Team" and by mid-December 2018, had created the first three episodes of our popular English-language Alexa Flash Briefing on European Marketing and Innovation.

Made up of interviews, relevant Voice news and practical case studies from Europe, the number of episodes has reached 43, with Episode 08 of Season 4 just released at the time of this update.

Upon publication, each Alexa Flash Briefing can be heard using Amazon Echo devices by simply asking Alexa to play the latest show. At the same time, each podcast is accompanied by a post here on the Blog of Barcelona Virtual in which it is possible to listen to embedded Soundcloud audio of each episode.

Each podcast episode is available on: Spotify | Podbean | Apple Podcasts | Alexa | Soundcloud

Listeners -- who currently come from a host of European countries, as well as the USA, Canada, Mexico, India and elsewhere -- can also find links and additional resources from each Flash Briefing.

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Paul Fleming, Host of the Barcelona Virtual European Marketing Podcast Alejandro Molina, Co-Host of the Barcelona Virtual European Marketing Podcast

We hope you enjoy the monthy broadcasts,
hosted by Paul Fleming, together with Alejandro Molina.

We look forward to your feedback, at podcast@bvirtual.com!

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Please, don't forget to include your comments with us here on the Blog; and also to share your own examples of innovative Intelligent Marketing from Europe.

Your own project just might be featured in one of our future Flash Briefings!
We look forward to hearing from you. 

The Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing Team - Barcelona Virtual - bvirtual.com

The original 2018 Production Team of our European Marketing Alexa Flash Briefing: Peter, Anna and Paul

Full Disclosure and Transparency

The four members of our Voice Services team Carrie, George, Leslie and Henry are AI-generated, natural language voices. Their personalities have continued to develop (and even flower) since they joined the BV Team in the Spring of 2020. Each one was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada at NaturalSoft, Limited.

First published on this blog on 22 October 2019.


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