Cinesa's "Gran Quedada" on Facebook: I See You!

Many of the readers of our agency blog will be familiar with one of the peculiar aspects of our Relational Marketing: the concept of oel ngati kameie.

Based on a scene in James Cameron's best-selling movie Avatar, the curious sentence in the Na'vi' language of the film is a key concept taught by Paul Fleming in his masters on Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing: at ESIC / ICEMD, and elsewhere.

In the movie, the phrase Oel ngati kameie means, simply, "I See You". In Avatar, it represented the manner in which the blue inhabitants who populated the planet Pandora expressed recognition of each other. Instead of simply saying a quick "Hello", "Hola" or "Hi" upon encountering each other, the exotic race in Avatar would stop at each encounter with a fellow Pandorian and mutually affirm: I SEE You. Oel ngati kameie.

In this ever-saturated and hyper-accelerated age, Marketing strategies that wish to truly connect with consumers need to actually slow down. At least long enough to look each one of their most profitable customers in the eye and express to them their particular oel ngati kameie.

A good example of this can be seen in La Gran Quedadathe app we developed for cinema leader Cinesa (UCI Cinemas in Europe, Odeon in the UK). The idea of offering a very special price to Facebook fans who invite their best friends to the movies came straight from Cinesa Marketing & Sales Director, Raúl Cabrera.

From there, here at Barcelona Virtual we applied a fun, cinematographic design, and focused on simplicity in the programming process.

The result: in only 3 steps, a heavy-user Fan amongst the more than 275,000 Cinesa Fans on Facebook can look very good indeed when inviting his friends for only 5€, along with a greatly-reduced price for popcorn and sodas. Integrating Facebook's programming with our app, Cinesa's Fans can effortlessly invite friends from their contacts list on the social network.

This in turn creates a WOM effect (Word of Mouth) effect that expands the brand's presence, all the while helping our Fan to truly feel that Cinesa does, indeed, SEE her.

When she creates her "quedada" (meet-up), she's then able to print a custom-made coupon with photos of her friends, a personalised barcode and will even find a special star next to her own photo.

She's the Star, after all, for having created a fun night at the movies for her closest friends. And we want her to know it ;-)

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