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METAVERSE REWIND: Europe's Vital Role · BV European Marketing Podcast · S04 E01

_ Facebook's "Big News" last Fall had already been a reality 15 years earlier. We rewind to revisit

METAVERSE REWIND | Paul Fleming: Reflections about My Second Life, Again

Paul Fleming – who spent 5 years of his life in Second Life – muses about the current Metaverse

20th Anniversary Countdown · Day 12 · 2007


A Complete Make-Over of Our 3D World

In 2007 we opened humble offices in Second Life, as renters as first, just to "test the waters".

'Customer Intimacy': Love Leads the Way

This year, Barcelona Virtual celebrates its fifteenth anniversary, a milestone we are proud of.

De Second Life al Marketing en Metaversos

Son muchos los que se niegan a reconocer el éxito de Second Life, aunque prueba del auge de este

¡Gijón también tiene lado virtual!

Marketing web 3.0 sobre ruedas

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