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09 ALEXA | European Marketing Flash Briefing: The New SEO, Alexa & Your Privacy. Listen Here!

In our 9th Flash Briefing: "The New SEO" This accompanying post to our ninth Alexa European

08 ALEXA | European Marketing Flash Briefing: Invisible Branding, A Chat with Jacqueline Ramos. Listen Here!

In our 8th Flash Briefing: "Invisible Branding" Thanks for stopping by! In this episode, Paul

07 ALEXA | European Marketing Flash Briefing: Case Studies, Chat Bots, Smart Data Tip. Listen Here!

In our 7th Flash Briefing: Innovation Made in France & Switzerland, plus our usual Smart Data Tip

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    Jeff Bezos: The '60 Minutes' Interview

    This video with the interview of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos by the CBS news programme 60 Minutes should be an obligatory part of the curriculum in business schools, worldwide.



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