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Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing · 25 Years of Innovation - S02 E04

_ In our 4th episode of Season II, we share the experience of 25 years, for times such as these "It

Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing Directory | S01 E01–E13 · S02 E01-E04

_ Finding your favourite Alexa Flash Briefing is now easier then ever Welcome to the New Episode

Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing · Voice Update - S02 E03

_ In Season 2's third episode, we meet three new members of our Voice Services Team It's been

Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing · Swedish Innovation to Save the World - S02 E02

_ In Season 2's new episode, we chat with Bengt Grahn of Sweden's videoconferencing leader,

Artificial Intelligence – It's Not Just About Cute Robots

They're not cuddly, but they are cute! However, robots are not all there is to AI.   You'll Learn

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    This video with the interview of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos by the CBS news programme 60 Minutes should be an obligatory part of the curriculum in business schools, worldwide.



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