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BV INNOVATION LAB | Future-Proof Your Best Products and Strategies!

The Barcelona Virtual Innovation Lab: Testing ground for Trends, Showcase for Strategies.  ★ 3 MIN

POD 50 | European Innovators · BV European Marketing Podcast · S05 E04

We mark the occasion of our 50th Episode by inviting a truly inspiring European Innovator & Thought

MINI-COURSE · 4 | Artificial Intelligence: It's Not Just About Cute Robots

Not too cuddly, but they are cute! Yet robots aren't all there is to AI. ★ 5 MIN READ ★ Intelligent

PODCAST DIRECTORY | BV European Marketing Podcast | SEASONS 01–05

Finding your favourite episode of our popular international podcast is now easier then ever Welcome

POD 49 | European Innovators · BV European Marketing Podcast · S05 E03

MINI-COURSE · 1 | Five Quick Ways To Attract Profitable Customers & Improve Your ROI

Today's Marketing landscape can be loud, confusing and even make you lose money. ★ 5 MIN READ ★

NEW! | Presenting the BV Story Studio

POD 48 | Affinità, Local Everywhere · BV European Marketing Podcast · S05 E02

POD 47 | European Innovators · BV European Marketing Podcast · S05 E01

In our 47th Episode, we begin Season 5 with an engaging chat with Raquel Fructos Raquel Fructos,

POD 46 | A Vision of Christmas Past · BV European Marketing Podcast · S04 E11

In Episode 46, we invite our listeners to enter a Time Machine. Our hope is that this Special

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