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POD 47 | European Innovators · BV European Marketing Podcast · S05 E01

In our 47th Episode, we begin Season 5 with an engaging chat with Raquel Fructos Raquel Fructos,

STUDIO LIVE SESSION | Neuromarketing · BV European Marketing Podcast · S04 E06

In our 41st Episode, we're joined by two European Neuromarketing pioneers. Raquel Fructos, also

EXPERT VIEWPOINTS | Raquel Fructos Neuromarketing: Branding for the Brain

What if you could guarantee the success of your next Marketing campaign? @Neurorachel tells you

LAB | NEUROMARKETING · Alexa European Marketing Flashbriefing S02 E11

Neuromarketing's time has come, especially for "Brands we fall in love with". Like yours? If you've

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