¡Mira esa Pipa! Grefusa's Viral Sunflower Seeds, Pipas G

Grefusa Pipas G
These days, given  the overwhelming noise of our 24/7 mediatic Matrix and  the serious obstacle of the Personal Cybersphereit almost seems miraculous when adverts become viral.
Yet, that is exactly what seems to be happening with  some humble sunflower seeds, a popular snack in Spain.
And not just with anyone, either.



The brand's catchy slogans, set to a rapping tone, are capturing the imagination of pre-teens and Gen X across the country.

The proof?

Fun fan videos like the one above, created in her spare time by an ardent Grefusa fanatic. Her video has already captured over a hundred thousand views on YouTube.

And there's even a Flamenco Remix!

Yet more important than that:

Those catchy, rhyming words of "Pipas G" are being repeated over and over and over and over ... across schoolyards this Spring in Spain!

And at the cash register, by fun-loving fans just like this one;-)

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