Welcome to the Agency of the New Brand

The New Brand is alive, every-changing, connected and international.
Barcelona Virtual has always been a "New Brand" of the 21st Century. And now, with recent changes to our website and image, we hope to communicate that even more clearly.

To begin with, from this point on we are "switching channels" and have chosen English as our official agency language. While it is true that "we're from Barcelona", born and bred in Gaudi's city and proud to be Spain's first Interactive Agency (1995), our vision has always been pan-European and global.

By engaging potential partners in English, we hope to be able to more clearly connect with Marketing Managers, Creative Directors and Advertisers looking for that special "Barcelona Spark" in their digital advertising agency.

And to make some new friends in the process ;-)

In the months to come we will be unveiling more changes. Today we start with the new claim and with the new web (still in beta). Despite the noise and the dust, we hope you will join the Conversation as we transition over to our new identity which, curiously, is the one we have always had ;-)

We look forward to hearing from you!

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