Is Your Avatar A Yuppie Wannabe?

Overheard yesterday on our Island in Second Life next to the pool:

Jennnnnniiiiiiii! Oh my GOD!
I think they are preparing something, like, TO-tally incredible,
like REALLY *amazing* here on the Island of Barcelona Virtual!
I'm so excited!

Just look at the poster!

And you know what? Melissa (my very best friend, like *4 life!!)
told me all about it yesterday at the disco...
and then Borja *confirmed* it:

something like, REALLY BIG is coming,
OMG, like maybe a really COOL beach party,
with cocktails and smoothies,
maybe with, like a really HOT DJ!

And peut-être some Linden dollars to do so shopping
at the BV Stores?

OMG, like I am already TOTALLY NERVOUS!!!!!
What IS it? Oh NO, *WHAT* will I WEAR???!!!

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