A Chat with Isabelle Le Cam

Immersed in a complex economic context in constant technological evolution, accompanied by changes in consumer purchase habits in Fashion, the Redcats Group, through its brands La Redoute and Vertbaudet in Spain, has radically changed the way it sells its clothes.

In this interesting interview with Isabelle Le Cam, Director of Client Marketing, we see how New Brands now use the various media mixes, adapting their Direct Marketing from paper to smartphones to webs, all the while tracking the ROI of each initiative.

What are the Keys to creating effective Direct Marketing these days?
  • Keeping your Database clean and enriched with information about
    user behaviour, online and offline
  • Creating multi-channel Communication campaigns, taking into account their efficacy using Internet
  • Communicating such campaigns with techniques adapted to each medium: moving from the paper mailing, to Mobile Marketing and online access according to profiles, then further on to adapting the messages by type of Social Media on the Net (Twitter, Facebooks, blogs and forums)
  • Measuring the efficacy of your Direct Marketing, including the results of all online campaigns

What new possibilities do Social Networks offer to Direct Marketing?

Direct Marketing, since the very beginning, has always been a Marketing of Dialogue. Social Networks give us the opportunity of using most of traditional Direct Marketing's techniques: from database management vía Facebook to new promotional channels on Twitter, or by means of exclusive sales to a group of VIP customers using a blog, for example.

What trends and challenges do you forsee in the future?

I am definitely closely watching Mobile Marketing and Geocoding
as well as Interactive Social Shopping.

We encourage you to visit these two dynamic New Brands ;-)

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