New Web, Botox-Free!

We are pleased to finally present a fresh, new look online that gives a much more accurate idea of who we are. As always, "Botox-free": transparent and real, intimate and personal.
The eternal struggle had been to find time for an already hopelessly outdated former web.
With  customer needs constantly changing, the "Always-On", almost 24/7 attention required naturally means that  our Top Priority is to ensure that our clients' Digital Marketing strategies succeed - and even surpass - their objectives. 
Until now, our own web needed to wait in line.
Today we've launched a preliminary, provisional one-page web to cover the basic questions potential clients, press and friends might have about our vision and the "BV Team".

The next step will be to furnish a detailed  Online Portfolio  to showcase the exciting projects we are working on in Branding, Interactive Marketing, Webs, Promotional Microsites, Mobile Marketing, Apps, Customer Loyalty strategies, 3D and Social Media.
We hope you like it ;-)
Thank you as always for your support and friendship!

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