Customer Loyalty Programmes in Spain, 2014

PSM, our Strategic Partner for Customer Loyalty Strategies & CRM, has recently published
the 2014 edition of their well-known Loyalty Monitor study.

The Loyalty Monitor is an invaluable barometer of major Loyalty programmes
run by leading Brands in the Spanish market.

Ricardo Mollet, Chairman of PSM, presenting a seminar in IESE Barcelona in 2015

PSM is a true leader and veteran in this field. Founded in 1986, the agency has designed and managed some of the most effective programmes of "Fidelización" as it's called here. Together with PSM, we've created important multichannel Loyalty strategies for Unilever Spain, via "Unilever y tú", an online Community that now has over 100,000 registered users.

We also created and maintain together the Responsive Mobile site, Club-related Social Media and Responsive E-Mail Marketing for Parques Reunidos (a multi-national management company for amusement parks that includes Warner Brothers Madrid, Marineland, Aquópolis, etc.).

Just to name two examples.

We hope the following infographic is useful to you; some basic knowledge of Business Spanish will be required ;-)

Please feel free to share this infographic, and remember to visit our Pinterest board on Customer Loyalty, as well as the interesting PSM Blog (in Spanish) on Fidelización.

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