20th Anniversary Countdown · Day 4 · 1999


Barcelona Virtual - Day 4 . 1999
Martini took Spain by storm in the late 1990s with the popular "Martini Man" TV campaign.
We created the brand's first digital campaign, along with an award-winning cyberspot

As part of our celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Barcelona Virtual,
Spain's first Digital Advertising and Marketing agency,
we are featuring some of our most  emblematic  clients in a twenty-day countdown.
The agency was founded on 28 March 1995 in Barcelona.
Our services to Martini included:
Digital marketing strategies, Spain's first viral cyberspots,
digital promotional strategies, pioneering e-commerce, automated
and personalised e-mail marketing, display advertising,
branding and customer loyalty.

Our site for the Martini Man won the 1999 Sol de Bronce
at the Advertising Festival in San Sebastian.

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