20th Anniversary Countdown · Day 1 · 1996

Barcelona Virtual - Day 1 . 1996
In our very first years, most potential clients had no idea what the "Internet" was!
However, pioneering brands such as Cóndor saw the potential ... and made history

As part of our celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Barcelona Virtual,
Spain's first Digital Advertising and Marketing agency,
we are featuring some of our most  emblematic  clients in a twenty-day countdown.
The agency was founded on 28 March 1995 in Barcelona.
Our services to Cóndor included:
"Cóndor" is one of the most venerable brands of socks in Spain,
a household name, alongside its sister brand "Molforts", due to memorable
1970s TV campaigns - also very pioneer in their time.

Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Catalan parent company
Aretex, we not only created an imaginary kingdom called "Calcetinia",
a site that magazine Estrategias called "an example of creativity applied
to the new media". It was similarly praised by newspaper ABC, along
with the first digital campaign we created for Gallina Blanca.

Together, we also launched an offline promotion that included
in-store marketing displays and a draw for 20 PCs
"with connection to the Internet".

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