Achieve Strong KPIs with Responsive Apps, Gamification

For the 2014 Christmas Promotion of Spanish chocolate leader Lacasa,

we decided to involve the Brand's fans virtually in "making chocolate".
For Spaniards, turrones are a beloved part of Christmas celebrations, a type of chocolate created by Chocolates Lacasa itself in 1852. Because we wanted to show that "t urrones al corte" are made in Zaragoza in an artesian manner, by hand-cutting in the factory, we created a contest based around a mobile-ready, responsive game.
The objective: support our e-Commerce strategy
by directing leads to the online store we created for Lacasa.
To win prizes, users need to ascend 9 different levels of difficulty, cutting their turrones either on the desktop PCs, or via smartphones and tablets. The Gamification elements of the app resulted in high engagement levels, as well as a broad sharing of the hashtag #CortaelTurrón in Social Media.
In Facebook, the number of fans rose by 28%.
Would you like to see what one of these turron tastes like?

If you live in Spain, order one right now,  at the Lacasa online store ;-)

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