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Young woman planning an ad campaign using Facebook Dynamic Creative

Creating a Social Advertising campaign for a large target audience can be tough work.

You usually must either decide to bet on one creativity -- and hope that single ad engages with your audience -- or, you must spend many hours creating various ads with different images, videos and texts.

The goal?

To reach and connect with the maximum amount of people from your target audience.

A retro Lucky Srikes advert (public domain)


Obviously, the first option is not recommended,
and we're sure you already know why:

One single message to a diverse, large audience is SO Twentieth-Century.


What if we use many different creativities?

That second option may be effective, yet not efficient.

Here at Barcelona Virtual, we strive to continually practice Intelligent Working -- to make the Intelligent Marketing we promise to our customers possible.

If you want to work intelligently, efficiency is a must.


Build High-Performing Social Ads 

With real-time personalised content ads from Facebook Dynamic Creative, you'll find it easy and fun to be effective.

It's as simple as building one base ad and then impacting your audience in an infinite number of ways.

  1. First, prepare your creative assets (images, videos, titles, descriptions, calls to action,etc.).

  2. Create an ad campaign on Facebook and enable Dynamic Creative.

  3. Create one ad (or more), uploading all your creative assets.

Dynamic Creative will then automatically create many variants of your advert, based on these components, and deliver the best creative combinations to their target audiences.

What Results Can You Achieve?

  • 500% more conversions*

  • 66% cost reduction of campaign configuration time*

But that's not all.

You will also reduce the cost of creativity and design whilst preparing assets for future campaigns, thanks to the knowledge acquired about what kind of content your audience likes most.

An Example
In one of our clients' campaigns, we discovered that their target audience engaged more with photos of people holding the actual product, instead of images with the 3D product package design.

As a result, all of our creative assets in subsequent campaigns featured scenes of people enjoying the products in real-life situations.

Finally, we found that this particular target audience didn't care about price discounts as much as we had assumed. They reacted much more to emotion-based headlines and copys.

Once at the online store, they later discovered the special pricing, which facilitated the product purchase.

A team preparing a Digital Marketing campaign on Social Media

As they say, "Knowledge Is Power".

Thanks to real-time data like this, you'll be able to save time and help your team to work intelligently, whilst achieving better results for your clients.

Results: Comparision of our clients' Dynamic Creative Social Ad campaigns vs. conventional ones.

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