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Alexei Kounine: how to apply a basic AI Strategy to your Marketing

July 2022:
The following post and podcast interview below was originally published in March, 2019.
We're updating it now to accompany our focus this month on Intelligent Marketing

Selligent's Director of Artificial Intelligence, Alexei Kounine, had just spoken that same day at a special VIP Workshop on VOICE + AI that we had organised for our key clients.

This information, as well as the interview with him, is more timely than ever!

March 2019:

We follow up on our popular Wrap-Up of #MWC19 (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona with this new European Marketing Flash Briefing. You can hear it in the embedded audio clip below, here on the blog -- or via Alexa-enabled devices.

Speaking of Alexa, we'd like to begin by saying hello and thanks to our faithful listeners from Spain, Mexico, Germany, France and the USA - as well as several other English-speaking countries!

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Now, on to the new episode

It's our distinct pleasure to share a fascinating interview with Alexei Kounine, Director of Innovation at Selligent Marketing Cloud. He is also the company's Global Lead for Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Alexei graciously accepted Barcelona Virtual's invitation to speak at a closed, VIP Event about Voice Marketing for key clients here in Barcelona last week. Specifically, Alexei spoke about the crucial role played by AI and how he is spearheading continued AI innovation at Selligent.

Alexei Kounine in Barcelona: "AI is the New Electricity".
Alexei Kounine in Barcelona: "AI is the New Electricity".

In this interesting interview, he not only speaks about the importance of Intelligent Marketing. He also cites real-life examples about how AI -- applied to Marketing needs -- can truly help you improve personalisation, effectivity and profitability. 

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This post was originally published on 04 March 2022
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