The Growing Success of Second Life

Second Life is beginning to emerge from its "Dark Night of the Soul", out of the desert of misunderstanding into the bright day of a second upward interest curve.

One indication of this are recent media reports which document a "rediscovery" of the virtues of 3D Virtual Worlds such as Linden Labs' flagship invention. Today, the digital edition of El, as well as major wireservices such as Agence France Press and Europa Press cite "surprising" growth figures.

We're not surprised; not in the least.

Barcelona Virtual is now entering our third year in Second Life, as a consolidated New Brand in the Metaverse and with a thriving social network on our Island there. We are grateful for each and every one of our fans there - thank you!

Last year, visits surpassed 214,000 and the number of unique visitors climbed to over 56,000 people.

Yes, avatars are people too! ;-)

The fulfillment of Second Life's promise -- as well as that of other "Web 3.0" communities -- obeys almost to the day the famous "Hype Cycles" that Garnter so clearly devised to explain the evolutive path of the acceptance of New Technologies.

Please click to enlarge the chart.

That said, here at the Agency of the New Brand we are just plain EXCITED.

As European companies begin to understand how to use 3D Virtual Worlds to lower training budgets, cut travel costs and motivate their employees, we'll be there to help them with our new "E-Learning Center".

Intrigued? Let's have your avatar talk to my avatar: Faithful Pau

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