The Sweet Smell of the New Brand

Marketing Olfático

The New Marketing is relationship-based.

This said, the New Brand seeks to fully know and anticipate all potential needs of its fans and friends.

In fact, true New Brands don't even view such friends as "customers", but rather "partners", people whose lives are enriched by their products and services and who have a vested interest in the growth and success of these same brands.

This more relaxed approach to the Relationship with the people who purchase and recommend their products causes New Brands to view everything in a much more organic way. They spend more time thinking "out of the box" and less time obsessing about GRPs and clicks.

In fact, if they DO obsess about anything, that would be how to enhance the user experience of their fans and friends in the best possible way. This affects product concept, design, the pre- and post-sales experience and, of course, what happens whilst the customer is making the potential purchase decision. This critical moment might occur in a retail space, an office, public fora such as a gym or even during "down time" en route to work in planes, trains or automobiles.

An exciting new development in this area of 360º Customer Experience is emerging in the field of Sensory Marketing, especially in the discipline related to the sense of smell. Omniaroma, a European leader in aroma-based Marketing is now applying specific strategies in Spain, Germany and other European markets, based around the idea of enhancing ROI while making the Customer Experience much more personalised and enjoyable.

According to María José Alberdi, Sales & Marketing Manager for this
Barcelona-based "New Brand",

"We remember 5% of what we see, only 2% of what we hear, a mere 1% of what we touch... but a whopping 35% of what we smell!"

Hmmmm... Might be time for a little "Aroma Therapy" for your own New Brand as well!

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