Erick Morillo, with Chiclets Day & Night

The New Brand is one that seeks out relationships
with its most fervent fans.
For this reason, most successful digital promotions
these days should be closely integrated with Event Marketing
strategies that bring brands directly to where the people are:

on the street, in their offices... or even right down
to the beach, with the world's very best DJs!

That is what "Chiclets", Cadbury's chewing-gum brand
proposes to its fans in Portugal...
in the new website we've created together
with our friends at Sidecar.
An unforgettable evening in August,
complete with the unmistakable sound
of world-renown Erick Morillo,
soft breezes and all of this accompanied by
the beautiful Portuguese and their incredible,
poetically-sensual language.

Ahhhh! Sounds like heaven...

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