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BV AFB 10 - Innovation in France

In our 10th Flash Briefing: "Innovation in France"

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This accompanying post to our tenth Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing is packed with resources related to the Innovation Boom in France. Remember to scroll down to listen to the audio of the programme and find advance information, examples and links mentioned during the podcast.

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"Join Us!" France Is Serious About Attracting Tech Talent

Hosted by Paul Fleming, with special guest, Chani Kabla of Affinità France, this episode focuses on Innovation in France.

The perfect introduction? The video below, produced by the governmental entity, La French Tech.

Fresh, fun and fast-moving, the annonce offers compelling reasons for moving to France:
To innovate!

Chani Kabla, Affinità France (Else & Bang, Paris)

Chani and Paul chat about several specific initiatives of La French Tech, a push to make France absolutely irresistible to 21st-Century Tech Talent.


One very notable move by the French: special visas for entrepreneurs, investors and employees of "innovative companies" supported by La French Tech.

They conclude by talking about 2 French start-ups: and

Links to additional resources are listed below the videos.

"Something's happening in France's Tech Scene"

If your French is up to par, be sure to also watch this informative report by France24 that analyses whether or not the nation can reach its stated goal.

Le Grand Prix?

Nothing less than competing with the United States and China in the area of technological innovation!

"Nous allons voir que la "French tech" dispose de talents considérables"


Flash Briefing 10 | September, 2019


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